Evergy (previously KCP&L and Westar) Sending 100 Linemen to St. Louis to Assist with Power Restoration

KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 15, 2019 – KCP&L and Westar Energy dispatched approximately 100 linemen to St. Louis on Monday morning to assist Ameren, Missouri with restoring power to thousands of residents in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Damaging winds caused more than 34,000 power outages overnight on Saturday. As of Sunday afternoon, approximately 13,500 customers remained with power.

As a member of the Midwest Mutual Assistance Group, KCP&L is called upon to help utilities facing natural disaster recovery throughout the year.

About KCP&L and Westar Energy:

Serving approximately 1.5 million customers in Kansas and Missouri, Kansas City Power & Light Company (KCP&L), KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company and Westar Energy are the electric utilities of Evergy, Inc. (NYSE: EVRG). Together we generate nearly half the power we provide to homes and businesses with emission-free sources. We support our local communities where we live and work, and strive to meet the needs of customers through energy savings and innovative solutions.

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